Our Services

Are you a big time coffee drinker or love to have a cup of tea every day? Well, both coffee and tea can absolutely refresh a person when you wake up in the morning or maybe when you had a hectic office work till late evening. It can help you in releasing stress to a great extent.

Well, we are an online based business that deals with coffee and tea. Lick My Face offers the finest quality of these beverages which we can assure that you will not find in any other brand. Our main focus is on the quality that we deliver to our customers. Hence, we have a team dedicated to quality assurance which tests the products before they are ready for the clients to purchase.

We have a wide range of coffee and tea that comes in all kinds of flavors. We can deliver our products to any part of the world. Thus, no matter where you are, you can always place an order with us.

Our first priority is your well-being. Hence, each of the products is prepared keeping in mind that they contain a lot of antioxidants so that it can benefit your health. We have great policies for our customers. If you are ordering a product for the first time then you can expect to get some extra tea bags or coffee sachets for free. Also, if you find any defect in the item that is delivered to you, it can always be returned to us. Your amount will be reverted back at the earliest. But the best part is that our services are so efficient that there have been almost no complaints from our customers.

Our products come in various ranges to meet the budget of everyone. You just have to log in to our official website and place an order.